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Natalia is featured on the cover of a French magazine called La Parisienne. I’ve added scans from it to the gallery. Enjoy!

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Appearances & Events > 2012 > Naked Heart Foundation Charity Auction

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova held the annual benefit gala to raise funds for her Naked Heart Foundation on February 11th in Moscow. American artist David Datuna donated a portrait of Vodianova for a special auction held by Simon de Pury of Phillips de Pury & Company, which also featured works by AES+F, Jake and Dinos Chapman and Marc Quinn, among others. The donation was made possible with the support of the New York-based Global Art Group and Kyiv’s Mironova International Art Group.

‘Vodianova – Love of Millions’ was sold for $790,000 (600,000 EUR) to an undisclosed Russian collector, and was the highest grossing artwork of the evening. All of the proceeds will benefit the Naked Heart Foundation, Vodianova’s non-profit initiative dedicated to providing safe recreational facilities to children with special needs as well as building parks and playgrounds throughout the impoverished areas of the country.

‘Vodianova – Love of Millions,’ assembled in Datuna’s signature style of cascading lenses, features a portrait of Natalia constructed from thousands of miniature images of Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture in collaboration with New York-based artist Alex Guofeng Cao.

‘For me it is always strange to look at the portraits of myself. There is definitely something egocentric about it and very against everything I am,’ said Natalia. ‘However when I saw Datuna’s painting I felt proud of being the muse for that work, because I can relate so much to fragility and mystery of the image by my friend Paolo Roversi and genuinely loved how David interpreted it and added to it.’

This year’s foundation gala marks the second consecutive year of Datuna’s involvement with the Naked Heart Foundation. In 2011, he donated his installation ‘Chaotic Past,’ sold for over $100,000 to Irina Viner, wife of Alisher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire, art collector and majority Arsenal shareholder.

Next month, Global Art Group will team up with David Datuna for SCOPE New York — exhibiting a selection of his ‘Viewpoint of Millions’ series.”


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Sublime image of Guerlain’s Shalimar, stylist for Etam, woman with a heart dedicated to his Foundation, Naked Heart, which helps Russian children … the divine Natalia will soon be as big screen in the role of Ariadne of Aublé, the mythical heroine Belle du Seigneur, Albert Cohen. Meanwhile, she invites us to follow her in her favorite city.

Art time

The Pushkin Museum
“A classic in which I visit whenever I have a little time. It is headed for thirty years by the wonderful Irina Antonova, a woman who always organizes exhibitions of magnificent. Last year, I went several times to see the retrospective Dior. I think it is the best I have ever seen. ”
Volkhonka, 12. www.museumpushkin.ru

Art Strelka
“In one part of the former Red October Chocolate Factory is a place of extraordinary art, which includes several areas: galleries, bars, restaurants, etc.. After walking the whole, I go take a well deserved drink at the Bar Strelka. ”
Bersenevskaya Neb., 14/5. www.artstrelka.ru

My walks

“Moscow is a city very different from Paris. Its nerve center is very small: it barely exceeds the limits of the Kremlin. Other interesting places are scattered around, like little islands in the middle of an ocean tarnished by the post-Soviet drabness and poverty. But it is a beautiful city that I love explored on foot: this is the best way to absorb it and know it. At each stop, I try to offer this beautiful route, which is my favorite. ”

The Kremlin and gardens Aleksandrovsky
“When I discover the city to foreign friends, I always start with the Red Square, the Kremlin evidently Aleksandrovsky and gardens. Walking through the walls, through walls. I play willingly guides showing them architectural, telling them the country’s history. And I never forget the lovely churches, like those of the Nativity and the Resurrection. A visit to the Armory Museum, the oldest in Russia, is also needed. ”

Bridge to Bridge Bolshoi Lovers
“Cross the bridge to join the Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Marriott Grand Hotel in front of the square Bolotnaya, what happiness! If I’m with my boyfriend, I stopped on the bridge of love, a new romantic spot where couples feel alone in the world. Moreover, there are often married to it are photographed with their train! With my children, it drags the square Bolotnaya they love. ”

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Today, February 11, in “Barvikha Luxury Village” will be the next charity event fund “Naked Heart”. In anticipation of this event, Buro 24/7 talked to the founder of the Foundation, Natalia Vodianova, asking her about her plans for the future, family and, of course, charity.

What is your charity: work, hobbies, the ability to help those who need it?
This is a huge portion and an integral part of my life.

What do you think, what is the work of charities in Europe and America is different from the charity in Russia?
In America and Europe, a charity developed to the point of solving social problems, that sometimes solves some social problems at the state level. Charitable organizations are working closely with the state, which allows quicker to reach their goals.

You are mother of three children, is important to you that in future they should be as indifferent as you do yourself? How do you educate them in the correct attitude to life?
Personal example. Let me explain. I used to take children with you in my trip to Russia by showing them real life. So they can for themselves to make conclusions about what may be the reality of other children. Aware is forearmed.

But how explain why not all gives birth to equally good and strong “launching pad”?
I’ve never had to explain this to their children because they never asked me that question. But I’m sure they know that were born in love and with certain privileges, which may not have had other children. And my job as parents to instill in them, thanks to fate and responsibility for their actions.

Tell me about your work as an ambassador of Olympic Games 2014.
As ambassador to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, I see my task in attracting public attention to the problems in Russia are still not fully resolved, such as barrier-free environment, and generally with respect to disability in this country.

What is the most important thing in your life today?
Health and happiness of my children, my loved ones.

Tell us a little about his plans for the future.
We are planning the next “Love Ball”, which this time conceived to take place in China. In this regard, in March, I plan to travel to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing in order to determine the town where this event will be held.


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On Valentine’s Day eve, an auction will be held in Moscow in favor of Natalia Vodianova’s charity. Some of the major items to be sold will be lots of top models portraits from artist David Datong.

‘Natasha’s portrat was created with thousands of words LOVE, – he said about the work, identifying this woman’s whole inner world.’

The American artist David Datong donated to the Naked Heart Foundation a portrait of its president – Natalia Vodianova. The painting was done in an original manner – the image is under a layer of hundreds of optical lenses.

‘The auction will be held in Moscow on the eve of Valentine’s Day – told Metro Vera Chernysh, a spokesman for MIRONOVA GALLERY. ‘The starting price is 100 thousand dollars. How much of the work will be sold, we will only know after the auction’.”


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It’s official! Natalia now has twitter! The Snob.ru site, an elitist variation of Facebook, has confirmed the account. You can follow Natalia here.

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Rags to riches? A modern-day Cinderella? When people discuss Natalia Vodianova, these phrases get thrown around a lot. It is true that Natalia had a poor upbringing, but as she puts it, “I know some people would have wanted to kill themselves, but I thought my childhood was happy. My mother worked nearly 24 hours a day, and I realize things were difficult, but I managed to find a lot of light there. I had this weird knowledge that, one day, things would be good.”

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