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The forum has a new address. You can now access it by using this link:


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The model tells why she loves brogues and wants thicker hair.

How does being a model affect your style?
Being a model created my style. I wasn’t aware of fashion before I started working, so my inspiration comes from the clothes I’ve worn and people I’ve met.

Which would you say has been your most seminal fashion campaign?
All my images for Calvin Klein: I have worked with them for so long that this relationship has come to define my career. I don’t think too much about it, though, just as I don’t let seeing my face on billboards daunt me.

What is your biggest fashion irritation?
There is a strange imbalance in attitudes to fashion: people either take it too seriously or fail to acknowledge its importance. Clothes define who you are but they shouldn’t take over your life.

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Thanks to fenouka, I’ve added scans from an old interview Natalia did for Evening Standard magazine back in 2007. Enjoy!

Gallery Links
Covers > 2007
Editorials > 2007 > Evening Standard (April 13, 2007)

EDIT: I’ve been told by a few visitors they cannot open the files. It seems to be a problem with those using the Opera browser, but if you’re using Mozilla or IE and are still unable to view them, please let me know by leaving a comment here.

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Gallery Links
Fashion Shows > 2010 – Fall / Winter Ready-to-wear > Diane von Furstenberg

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Natalia Vodianova reckons she spends twice as much time working on her Naked Heart Foundation as she does on her modeling, but she couldn’t do one without the other. “I come from nothing, and in going back and helping others, I can show people in need that this world of beauty and glamour is not so far away from them,” she says. The foundation has so far placed 39 playgrounds in Russian cities, the last in Biisk, in the Altai region, where 3,000 people turned out for the opening. “The further out you go, the more misery you see,” says Natalia, “but the more incredible souls you meet.”

Natalia appreciated the therapeutic value of play from her own deprived childhood. “Except,” she says, “I was playing in basements, running in the street unsupervised…” Her parks offer secure facilities for kids, and contracts with local governments guarantee they’re free to all. And despite having to deal with corruption (two instances of people charging to use the parks) and a local indifference to philanthropy, she feels the tide is slowly but surely turning in its favor. Events like the Love Ball, to be held during London fashion week, certainly help. Yusuf Islam, the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens, is among the performers (Lily Allen will be there, too) because he and his song “Where Do the Children Play?” have always inspired her. Hopefully he can also inspire others to contribute the hoped-for million pounds that will build four more parks, too.

Source: Style.com.

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There was a mix of rising stars and seasoned favorites at the shows Saturday. After two seasons without staging a proper runway show, Peter Som selected Lisanne de Jong to open. Jacquelyn Jablonski continued to score yet another opening look, this time for Ohne Titel, with Estonian model Karmen Pedaru closing. Power stomper Natasha Poly picked up her first (of many to come, we’re sure) closing slot this week for Altuzarra. But the model who stood out the most was Natalia Vodianova, who made a special runway appearance when she opened and closed for Alexander Wang’s tightly cast show. And when a supermodel like Natalia hits the runway, rookies had better take a step back.

Source: NY Mag.

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Fashion Shows > 2010 – Fall / Winter Ready-to-wear > Alexander Wang

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Rags to riches? A modern-day Cinderella? When people discuss Natalia Vodianova, these phrases get thrown around a lot. It is true that Natalia had a poor upbringing, but as she puts it, “I know some people would have wanted to kill themselves, but I thought my childhood was happy. My mother worked nearly 24 hours a day, and I realize things were difficult, but I managed to find a lot of light there. I had this weird knowledge that, one day, things would be good.”

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